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About Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran, MD• Physical Therapist - Physical Medicine School of the British America Hospital, Mexico, 1964

• Medical Surgeon - Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico 1984
• National Award “Martin de la Cruz”, Academy of Traditional Medicine,A.C., Mexico FD, 1997
• General Director and Founder of the Center for Biomagnetism Medical Research. 1994
• Member of Honor of the National Association of Quantum Medicine, Neurosciences and Bioenergetic, Barcelona, Spain,1999.
• Diplomatic Correspondent of the World Organization of Naturopaths, Rome, Italy 1999
• Degree of Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine, International Oxford University, England 1999
• Professor of Medical Sciences – National University of Loja, Republic of Ecuador, 2002
• Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics, awarded “Tlamatini, Living Treasure of Mexico” 2006.
• Member of the New York Academy of Sciences USA
• Currently; Professor and Coordinator, Education Center of Bioenergetic and Biomagnetism, Autonomous University of Chapingo, Mexico

Born in the City of Puebla, Mexico, in 1941. His father medical surgeon, Dr. Isaac Goiz Juarez and his mother, the teacher Mrs. Vivian Duran, provided the bases that were essential for its conformation as a physician. The death of his mother, when he was still a teenager, due to cancer disease, causes the frustration seeing medical procedures known, did not work to save her life., creating a preoccupation that remained latent and took him to guide his life to medical research and finally his great discovery, The Biomagnetism.

While working at the National Institute of Pulmonology of Mexico in 1979,due to severe deficiencies in the provision of hospital budget, are motivated to incorporate alternative medical practices, such as acupuncture, enzyme therapy, etc., which convinced him of the existence of therapeutic solutions effective in the world of so-called, alternative therapies.

In 1988, he received an invitation to attend a course about energy medicine and the importance of pH in human health, organized by the League of Alternative Medicine in Guadalajara in Mexico and had the opportunity to hear the speech by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer (Kentucky, USA). This doctor in the decade 70’s, discovered that the use of magnets, could promote a more efficient way, the diagnosis method through the principle of “intelligent muscle response”, which was discovered by Dr. Goodheart (USA) in sixties. This knowledge will shape the basis for his theory of Biomagnetic Pair.

In the year 1988 discovered a new way to fight viruses and to inhibit its presence. This year he discover the “Biomagnetic Pair”, defined as all charges, which identify the pathology and is composed of two main charges of opposite polarity, formed at the expense of the fundamental alteration of the pH of the organs that support it. Dr. Goiz discover so, a revolutionary new medical science called Biomagnetism and Bioenergy. A concept much more advanced than what we currently understand by medicine, which explains the diseases and its definitive cure from an energetic point of view.

Dr. Goiz already has the sponsor of two major universities, such as The Autonomous University of Chapingo in Mexico and The National University of Loja in Ecuador. The first published the book “AIDS IS CURABLE” and the second published “THE TUMOR PHENOMENON“, which masterfully exposes its way through various sciences such as chemistry, physics, to get to organic chemistry, finally unfolding as a fan the pieces of a puzzle, they all seem to be placed in the perfect location, where everything makes sense and solve the cancer phenomenon in all its facets.