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I heard about Claudia through a friend. I went to see her because of the positive feedback I received. I was not disappointed. After the first session I felt more energy. I was more alert. After two more sessions I am now very happy with myself and feel so much better. I am healthy once again. Thank you so much!
Sue W. Delhi Ont.
I decided to go for a magnet treatment after finding out about it through a friend. After re-injuring my shoulder a few times, (along with other muscular-skeletal issues) many chiropractic treatments with little progress, salves and creams and oils, I thought I'll try anything to find relief.
Claudia explained the process, the most important thing is to relax in order for the body to respond to the applied kiniesiology used to discover the body's unbalanced areas. She also said "don't tell me why you are here"
During the process, she pin pointed issues that I had for years! (I'm an over 50 woman) Magnets were placed at points all over my body, sometimes I would feel tugging, tingling or pressure that subsided within a few seconds to a few minutes. My injury and promlatic sites which were painful already, seemed to throb for a while then dissipated. I lay on the table for some time and actually fell asleep to the calming music that was playing. I was told to get lots of rest, drink a minimum amount to water daily and another appointment was made for 2 weeks.
I had the best sleep that night I had had in months! The next morning I felt pain in many joints but after moving around I felt lighter and almost euphoric! She warned me I may feel like I had been hit by a truck! My mood was so happy, I seemed to have clarity and focus. She warned me that I would feel 'good' have more energy but not to act on it, let the body heal.
2 weeks later after another treatment, I was told to come back in 3 months. I continue to feel really well and look forward to the 3 month follow up to se
e what issues will need attending at that time.

Needless to say, I am convinced that this therapy is the way of the future, Thank You Claudia!
Helen Benko
Tillsonburg Ontario

My father has had sinus problems for the last year and a half. His face swells and goes red, his eyes would water and his nose ran constantly. After two appointments with Claudia, these symptoms have gone away. He even looks better. We are thrilled with these results from the biomagnetic therapy,and would recommend Claudia to anyone...and have!

About a year ago I printed off a short bulletin on bio-magentic healing
posted in my workplace and kept it in a file . I am a person who prefers
time honored ancient, natural and holistic methods of treatment for
illnesses and thought it sounded interesting. Eventually back pain and just
an overall feeling of tiredness and a book I was reading that suggested
magnetic healing would eventually be found to cure ALL diseases, made me
give Claudia Cabrera a call and make an appointment . I suffer from
scolliosis of the spine and lombago spinal pain. The first visit she placed
every magnet she had on me. I went back 4 more times and today I have no
pain in my back at all. My energy levels increased too. I also have no more
allergy problems and noticed that my lungs felt fabulous too ( I had been a
28 year smoker...quit for 6 years). I even took my dog to see her!!! I was
so impressed I am going to take a couse on this so I can help people in my
area! Claudia only charges a minimal fee suggesting if you have the
knowledge you should help people for a minimal charge because it is the
right thing to do! To date I understand that Dr, Goiz ( the original person
who discovered the potency of bio-magnetic pairs and healing) has figured
out over 400 bio-magnetic placements to cure or allevite many different
conditions/diseases including AIDS. Some can be anihilated in 15-30 minutes
worth of treatments! I highly recommend this as an alternative to
conventional western medicine which only deals with treating symptoms.
Bio-magnetics work and gets rid of bacteria/viruses/fungus and underlying
medical conditions slowing us down or making us ill. I have had no back pain
since my 5 visits and know that if I ever get anything , Caudia gets the
call first before my general practicioner doctor!!!

Lorrie Priddle, ON

I have had several treatments by Claudia and I have been amazed with the profound healing effects of the rare earth magnets. I felt the effects during and after my very first treatment. The magnets work on a very deep level promoting healing and relaxation. I am also very impressed with Claudia's ability to figure out what is going on with my body and her skill with working with the magnets. She is a very gifted healer.

S. Drayton

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