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Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran- Instructor
Claudia Cabrera has been involved with Bio-magnetism since early in 2005 when she was cured from the pain and aches resulting from scoliosis, a chronic illness she had, as well as various aches, long term afflictions that she had suffered since her teenage years.

Claudia was a fervent believer in allopathic treatments but had only been able to find relief for her condition in painkillers. It was when a friend applied the magnets and Claudia was healed that she decided to work in this clinic early in 2006. The mechanical state of scoliosis was not changed, but the aches and pain dissapeared. In the same year Claudia took the first level course in Bio-magnetism in Chile, with Dr. Goiz who discovered the therapy.

In 2007 she took the second level course in Bio-energy with Dr. Goiz as well as other medical courses in university; her graduation thesis consisted of a serious approach on ways to fix prevalent cases of tuberculosis in vulnerable populations of Chile with the use of magnets (Identification and Treatment of Skin Nodules caused by Mycobacterium-Bovis). Claudia was highly praised by Dr. Goiz and her work was chosen among many to be presented at the Seventh Congress of Bio-magnetism in Mexico City in 2008.

Claudia has considerable experience on the treatment of animal pathologies since she completed her studies in Veterinary and Agricultural Techniques in 1989. She is also a Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner (Canadian Reiki Association) and has taken Level 6 of Spiritual Human Yoga. She has been practicing Bio-magnetism in Toronto with great success since 2009. Recently, two of her patients were extremely impressed with the treatments and flew to Los Angeles to take the Level 1 course in Bio-magnetism that Dr. Goiz taught in May 2011; other patients are also motivated to take the training for its simplicity and effectiveness on the cure and treatment of a variety of diseases.

Dr. Goiz has cured about 300,000 patients with diverse diseases in more than 20 years of practice. Claudia has also helped hundreds of patients to recover their health in Toronto with great success. Claudia's greatest motivation: to spread the use and practice of a revolutionary technique that has assisted and continues helping many people to be healed and cured.

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These slides summarize the thesis that Claudia had to present at the University of Chapingo, Mexico, in order to obtain her Level II diploma on Bio-energy. It was later presented at the 2008 Congress of Bio-magnetism in Mexico City in September of 2008."

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